FanConnect IPTV

Enhanced live game broadcast, interactive IPTV for suites and loge areas, digital signage and menu boards combine to provide content and control for every TV in your venue.

The only IPTV technology built from the ground up for sports stadiums and arenas

We know that installing IPTV for your venue is more of a project than a product you can buy. But FanConnect IPTV takes you further than any other IPTV software provider because we already have the content that other vendors either expect you to build yourself, or pay them to build for you.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Enhanced live game broadcast that comes pre-built with great content and integrated sponsor placement.

Enhanced Live Game broadcast

A low-latency broadcast-quality channel that wraps around and overlays your live game video feed with great content and sponsor integration.

Interactive IPTV for suites and loge

A premium TV product that lets fans watch out-of-town games, see live game stats, beverage menus and more.

Digital signage and menu boards

Sponsor signage, fan information, and concession signage with an easy-to-use interface for quick updates and better control.

Enhanced live game broadcast

The most important TV content in your venue is your live game feed. We don’t just deliver the live game feed from your truck or video team to TVs, we enhance it to improve the fan experience and provide a world-class showcase for your sponsor assets. This isn’t a toolkit, it’s a fully-automated game program, with broadcast-quality graphics branded for your venue and team. The TVs in your concourse, club levels, and concession areas that show the live game will work flawlessly.

During live action we wrap around the live video feed, adding fan engaging content, stats, out-of-town scores, and sponsor assets. Instead of a toolkit for you to work with, FanConnect delivers a complete live game broadcast. We deliver content such as game updates, league and division standings, out-of-town scores, social media integration, upcoming game schedule and more - for teams in MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, and college football, basketball and baseball.

Low latency live game feed to every TV

FanConnect IPTV uses 100% hardware-based decoding to ensure the lowest latency possible. Because we don’t make hardware we can work with the best technology available - from Haivision ultra-low-latency encoders to industry-leading BrightSign player hardware.

Proven incremental sponsor revenue

We know that every IPTV vendor talks about the sponsorship revenue you can make with a basic L-bar wrapped around your TVs. The FanConnect difference is that we have actually worked closely with teams to make real incremental revenue while creating a better, branded fan experience.

10 second bumper

20 second content

Interactive IPTV for suites and loge areas

Your suite and loge season ticket holders require a first-class experience. Fans want to be able to see your live game with very low latency, tune in to other games, dive deeper into the game stats, or just watch the news.

EPG example for use in suites

Deep dive on stats

With many suites having multiple TVs, we found that one thing fans wanted was access to better stats. So we built an app just for the stat-hungry fans. The best part? No work for your team - whether you are using MLBAM, GSIS, NCAA LiveStats, or HITS - we have you covered.

Sponsorship wrap - on every channel

FanConnect IPTV comes with a turnkey wrap that includes game information and integrated sponsor placement which wraps around any channel tuned to in your suites and loge areas.

Wrap every channel in your suites with a beautiful branded sponsor wrap that includes out-of-town scores and live stats from your game.

Digital Signage and Concessions

Manage and monitor all the other TVs and displays in your venue from the same FanConnect IPTV console. From concession menu boards to video walls, FanConnect IPTV has you covered so you can rest easier on game day.

Dynamic signage that supports animation, video and live updates.

Easy to manage and control

The same web-based console used to manage the other FanConnect IPTV screens also manages your signage and content. Distribute control down to the people that need to manage it.


No proprietary hardware

FanConnect IPTV works with industry-standard encoders and players so that you don't face vendor lock-in from proprietary hardware.

Incredibly Easy

Our cloud-based back-end uses a modern and intuitive interface to make management easier. Schedule and create content, manage and monitor devices, and manage users all in the same application.

Fast deployment and integration

Our focus is on working solutions, not selling complex toolkits and frameworks that require weeks of training.

Secure and Reliable

You have a lot of things to worry about on game day. One thing you don't have to worry about is what is happening on the TVs in your venue. The FanConnect cloud is hosted in secure ISO 27001 certified facilities.

Effortless Integration

Easily integrates into your existing infrastructure and gets sports content from your existing stats system. Use our pre-built clock and scoreboard integrations.

Standards-based content

All content in FanConnect IPTV is created in 100% HTML. No need for proprietary content creation tools that limit how your content works.

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