National Football League

Give your fans and sponsors a better game day experience. From the company trusted on game day by teams in the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL and great college programs.

FanConnect enhances the game day experience for fans and your corporate partners.

We make the TV screens, signage and small screens in your stadium into an integrated part of your game day experience. Our solutions provide various ways to blend live game video with dynamic content, ranging from in-game stats, scores, social media, fan interactions, sponsorship content, and more. That's why teams in the NFL and every other major league sport in the US rely on FanConnect on game day.

Give your fans and sponsors the game day experience they deserve

Pittsburgh Steelers

FanConnect TV

Automated game day program for every TV in your stadium.

FanConnect Touch

FanConnect IPTV

IPTV built specifically for sports stadiums and arenas.

FanConnect Signage

FanConnect Signage

Effective and engaging digital signage for your stadium.

FanConnect TV

Blends your live game video with dynamic content and sponsorship assets.

An automated game day program for every TV in your stadium

A TV channel that your corporate partners will love almost as much as your fans. An integrated pregame, halftime and postgame show create a showcase for sponsor content. Provides continous reinforcement for your existing high-value short-duration sponsor activations. Works with or without IPTV - no infrastructure upgrades required. Other vendors make promises around sponsor inventory on TVs but FanConnect is the only company that has a proven track record of incremental revenue generation.

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Chicago Bears

FanConnect TV plays each game day at Soldier Field

Integrations & Technology

FanConnect TV fits right into your existing stadium infrastructure.

Game Stats

Integrates with game stats providers to display game information.

Scoring Console

Integrates with popular scoring consoles to display real-time scoreboard.

Sponsor Triggering

Trigger messaging between quarters, timeouts, and other pauses in the action.

Live Game Feed

Works with your existing RF (HD) distribution or IPTV.

FanConnect IPTV

IPTV built from the ground up for sports stadiums and arenas

FanConnect Touch

FanConnect IPTV requires less work from your IT group because the content other vendors expect you to build is already built.

Engaging Sports Content

From in-game stats, to scores from around the league, FanConnect IPTV has content your fans will enjoy.

Hardware flexibility

FanConnect IPTV works with industry standard IP encoders and players to protect your investment and avoid vendor lock-in.

Enhanced Live Game broadcast

Our low-latency broadcast-quality channel wraps around and overlays your live game video feed with great content and sponsor integration.

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FanConnect Signage

Effective and engaging digital signage for your venue

In concessions, concourses, and anywhere you want to influence your fans. Whether you are promoting your athletic department, sponsors or concessions we can help you get the message out.

Easy Management

A simple web interface allows you to easily change content while preserving your branding.

Engaging Content

From dynamic feeds to live video and animations -- our platform is flexible to meet your needs.

Flexible Integrations

Incorporate scoreboard, ticker, and POS for an integrated experience.

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FanConnect Signage

FanConnect Signage powers all signage throughout Lumen Field in Seattle, WA.

Let us help transform your venue!