Make more revenue from the TVs in your venue.

FanConnect TV is a fully automated in-venue TV broadcast that your corporate partners and fans will love. No capital costs, no work on game day, and technology that easily fits into your existing infrastructure. It can work with IPTV, but IPTV is not required.

An automated game day program for every TV in your stadium

Automated game day program

Uses game intelligence to display full-screen content during game breaks and wrapped content in-game.

Content and sponsorship

Great sports content with live stats and more, fully integrated with corporate partner assets.

Trusted on game day

More than 50 combined NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL and NCAA teams trust FanConnect TV to run their game day program.

FanConnect TV plays each gameday at Mulan Puskar Stadium.

Why Corporate Parnters Love It

Integrate corporate partners into your in-venue TV broadcast, with content that engages fans.

Example of an integrated full-screen content segment playing at halftime, Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia Bulldogs.


Engaging Sports Content

We live, eat and breathe sports. Everything from the social media images to the post-game stats is built to engage fans.

Incredibly Easy

We deliver a complete game day package, not some templates you have to spend time working on. Game day made easy.

Great Sponsorship Inventory

Your corporate partners are not just on screen, they are fully integrated into the in-venue broadcast. Pre-built content segments are ready-made for standard sponsor assets including pre-rolls, HD commercials, images, and animations.


You have a lot of things to worry about on game day. One thing you don't have to worry about is what is happening on the TVs in your venue. FanConnect has produced thousands of games and earned the trust of teams in every US major league sport.

Effortless Integration

Easily integrates into your existing infrastructure and gets sports content from your existing stats system. Use our pre-built clock and scoreboard integrations.

Exceed your corporate partners expectations

We work with your sales team to create sponsor exposure commitments before the season starts, then provide robust event-level reporting to prove those commitments were met.

Florida Gators
“We have found FanConnect an effective vehicle to provide sponsors the opportunity to deliver their message throughout the stadium. It’s one asset where our sponsors hear and receive immediate feedback helping validate their investment.”
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Integrations and Technology

Game Stats

Integrates with your existing in-venue stats feed to display live game individual and team stats.

Scoreboard and Clock

Pre-built Integration with most real-time scoreboard and clock systems including OES and Daktronics.

Sponsorship Triggering

Trigger full-screen sponsor messages during game breaks.

Live Game Distribution

Supports existing RF (HD) distribution or IPTV infrastructure.

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